Minutes from May 5, 2016


A. Blog

Nicky Agate has developed a WordPress site for us. We all looked at the site and everyone thinks it’s great!


B. Photos of Kids

A question of photos came up: do we need releases to put kids’ pictures on the site?

Turns out that there are just a handful of kids in the whole school who have not signed releases to have their photos used on our website. We have that list in the office. Shalisha agreed to make sure that all of the kids whose pictures we put on our site have a release signed for them. Probably it would be easiest to find out who DIDN’T sign the release and see if any of them is in one of our pictures.

C. Communications with the PTA

Liza Featherstone is currently our communications person with the PTA. She will continue with this through the rest of this year, but for next year, the AfterSchool program will begin to be overseen by the School Leadership Team (STL). The Aftercare program will no longer have a relationship with the PTA (more on that under policies).

2. Registration/Payment

A. Software

Shalisha has been in touch with a number of companies and she settled on one called EZ-CARE. They charge $149 a month. They will build a custom site for us, including everything we want. Here is a link to their proposal: http://bit.ly/ASquote

  1. Parents will be able to set up automatic monthly payments using their bank accounts or credit cards. Parents will also be able to pay using checks and cash, and we can enter it into the system.
  2. One person can be signed onto the system at once. If we want more than one person to be able to sign on at once, we will need to pay an extra $25 per month. We will start with one sign on, and if we need more we can upgrade. Rates

B. Rates

Our basic rates will stay the same: $6.85 an hour for full-day 5 days/week unlimited. $7 an hour for half-day 5 days/week unlimited. Bundles at $20/half day and $35/full day sold in packs of 10.

    1. Additions: We are introducing a 4-day rate and a 3-day rate at $8/hr and $9/hr respectively, for either half-day or full-day.
    2. We are also introducing a rate of $8 for pick up by 3 pm.
    3. Early Registration and timing.
    4. We will have two incentives for parents to register early:
    5. 10% off September unlimited if they register before July 15.
    6. AfterSchool will start for early registered children on the second day of school.
    7. Folks who register in September will not be able to start until September 19th.

We will encourage parents who can afford to pay for the whole year to pay all at once so that we can make sure we have enough money in the account to hire a full-time person.

3. Policies

A. Policies Document

  1. Fernando and Lorraine produced a mock-up of what a policies document will look like. They will make a Google doc and work on developing something by May 26th (5 days before our next meeting) so that Shalisha, Anna, Diane, etc. can look at the draft before we all meet and put the policies on the website.
  2. This document will include the behavior contract for parents.
  3. Malika and Kevantae agreed to join the committee.
  4. Anna suggested using the staff handbook for staff policies.
  5. We are hoping to generate policies about various eventualities and program decisions. For example, how many, if any, movies children will be able to watch per month, etc.

B. Changes to Responsibility for AfterSchool Programs

Anna helped clear up question about who is responsible for Aftercare.

  1. If there is not a 501(c)3 funding the program, then it is really run by the school, so this is NOT a PTA run program. Teachers and paraprofessionals are paid through the DOE with money paid by parents.
  2. Bank Account: In light of this, we are going to close out the PTA bank account and open up a new school-based bank account. (We currently have one for school lunch: when someone writes a check for school lunch, the money goes into this school account and then is transferred to DOE.) The new account with follow this model.

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